Your first steps, or further optimizing your lap times and racing lines? TestDriver will provide you with an adequate and personalized course. 


Would you like a personal training in your own car? This can be done per hour, for a day or customized. Contact us with your specific questions.


PRICES (all taxes included)

Personal Training

First hour - 80eur, then 30eur/h

Full day - 250eur

An instructor with personal guidance is always included in the rental of our cars.

This full-day course will teach you all the basics about race driving in a pleasant and safe way. Everything is arranged for you, including track rental.

In the course you use a genuine BMW Clubsport Trophy car or your own car. A personal instructor will guide you through the day. 

By using personal instructors, we are able to adapt the course to your personal needs. This way, together with your instructor, you can achieve the most possible in your day.

After an extensive theoretical course, you take the steering wheel under supervision of your instructor. Introduction and instructor laps precede your free time on the track, where the lap times will become better and better.
The following items will be discussed:
- Active and passive safety
- Driving line, breaking and cornering points
- Understeer, oversteer and body roll
- Corner combinations
- Track specific details and much more...

In the morning you can enjoy breakfast and for lunch we will provode a meal. All drinks are included. 


TIMING Getting Started

09h15 Reception with breakfast

09h30 Theoretical course

10h30 - 12h Introduction to the circuit, in sessions of +/-30min.

12h00 Lunch with your instructor, during which we discuss the past sessions

13h00 - 16h Arrive & Drive with guidance, in sessions of +/-30 min.

16u00 - Debriefing


PRICES (all taxes included)

Getting Started Zolder whit BMW 325I Clubsport Trophy - 1450eur all incl. (min. 3h driving time)

Getting Started Spa whit BMW 325I Clubsport Trophy - 1600eur all incl. (min. 3h driving time)


Own risc - 17500eur

Optional insurance - 350eur

Reduced own risk - 3000eur

Getting Started whit own car

Zolder - 600eur incl. trackday registration

Spa (afternoon program) - 660eur incl. trackday registration