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Spa Francorchamps coach johan lambregs


Be faster, confident & feel in total control on the limit

Are you looking to give your first steps on the track or further optimize your lap times and racing lines? provides appropriate and personal training so that you feel more safe & confident behind the wheel at every motorsport event.



Get in touch

You are in good hands. We make sure that you will fulfill your driving potential.


Choose your car

Need a ride? We can provide a racing car! The courses can be given in your race or road car.

See more at Race car Rental


Align your challenge

We join you on track and analyze your current driving style. 

Together we look for your limiting factors and focus on making permanent improvements.


Together with the images from our Race Navigator Data log system, we will look to improve your lap time.

If your racing car is equipped with an AIM data logging system, we can also help you to correctly interpret the data and use it to your advantage.

We also help you to learn to evaluate yourself so that you can keep making progress on your own.


How does it work?

We provide one-on-one training in your own car or in our cars. ​


Your first steps in motorsport?

We know from our experience that as a newcomer it is difficult to find your way in the world of motorsport. can help you register on the track day and explain the rules that apply on track days. You only have to arrive and drive.

We also give you guidelines on which points you should have your car checked before you come to the track.​


Depending on your experience, we can learn many different things during such a coaching session.



Frequently used topics are:

How to find the perfect racing line;

The 6 phases of a corner;

Vision & reference points;

Trail braking;

Prioritize Corners;

What is the limit of grip and how to find it?;

Understeer, oversteer and weight transfers;​


Would you rather not go

on track with your car?

The coaching sessions can also be given in our cars. Depending on your budget, we can offer many different cars. Go to Racecar Rental for more information about renting a car with your coaching session.


Choose your track

Are you training for a specific event or having difficulties improving your lap times on a particular track?

In addition to the knowledge of our in-house coach Johan Lambregs, we have an extensive network of coaches with experience on many European race tracks.

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Johan Lambregs

Founder of TestDriver

Johan Lambregs is a driver coach who has been surrounded by the smell of rubber and petrol from an early age.


With 15 years of experience in Driver coaching, he can analyze your driving style and take your driving techniques to the next level.

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