Thanks to TestDriver's high standard of cars, there are multiple opportunities to enter several racing championships. 

The Arrive & Race formula gives you the opportunity to race without worries. Everything will be arranged for you.


The formula concludes:

- Guidance with your license.

- Assistance in selecting your gear

- Guidance with the choice of a race and championship.

- Race subscription

- Transport, maintenance and wear of the racecar.

- Race-service during the race weekend.

- 1 Set of tires each race

- Gasoline

- Catering for the driver and 4 extra people

- Technical controle of the car.



- Race-course.

- Extra tires.

- Extra test/trainingsdays.

- Insurance


When you have a sponsor, there are multiple possibilities for extra catering, publicity. 

Our cars can drive in various Championships. BGDC, Belcar Endurance Championship and of course the 24h of Zolder.



Depending on your wishes, we try to work out a formula that fit within the margins of you budget. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info about the posabilities and budgets.